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Fulfil each requirement that saves servive routine of finance of travel Olympic Games for development, aggrandizement of subbranch of a bank of north of the path in labour travel advance 8 measure, during exert oneself promotes an Olympic Games, site finance serves a level, reveal labour to go to the society hard good figure.

One, aggrandizement organizes a leader, raise service consciousness. Fulfil a party to an undertaking of “ of servive routine of standard of Olympic Games civilization strictly to be in charge of making ” , strengthen an organization leader and harmonious cooperate, ensure 0 ” of implementation “ are complained during the Olympic Games. Undertake is opposite at the same time complete member undertake serving recognizant reeducate, “ of farther aggrandizement employee serves even if competition ability, service does not have bagatelle, service everlasting, service gives the idea such as benefit ” , with high sense of responsibility and mission feeling, unite a thought, fulfil the action, ensure the financial diversity that provides high grade, efficient, security during the Olympic Games serves.

2, aggrandizement staff learns, promotion serves efficiency. To ensure ark member accept business adroitly, this serious executive “ system of 3 meetings ” , use morning the form such as regular meeting of meeting, week is strengthened professional knowledge and " employee serves normative manual " " civilization of course of study of Bank of China serves convention " " employee violates compasses behavior to handle provisional regulation " the study that reachs ranking travel to concern service file, make the standard serves in asking to fulfil the daily behavior of employee and real work solidly, go, wu of industry of the member that rise conducts efficiency and quality, promote the service that work goes image in the round.

3, aggrandizement ATM platoon is checked, ensure self-help equipment safety moves. The daily go on a tour of inspection that appoints person specially assigned for a task to make good ATM machine especially nightly go on a tour of inspection works, eliminate the hidden danger of likelihood happening, run an environment to undertake checking to ATM machine everyday at the same time, clear in time not the up to specification, label that fall off, strengthen pair of automatic ATMs the examination of battalion movement condition, increase the frequency that add bank note second reach the capacity that add bank note, ensure equipment of self-help of subbranch of a bank is safe, efficient move.

4, aggrandizement lash-up drilling, raise lash-up to handle ability. Advance in order to ensure Olympic Games finance serves each job, main compose builds ” of “ restful Olympic Games, raise lash-up to handle ability, hold to every week 3 organizations employee begins lash-up to deal with beforehand case drilling, ensure employee is hep lash-up beforehand case content and oneself duty, accurate control and handle meet an urgent need adroitly beforehand case, defend good client interest and bank the service figure with sincere harmonious letter, servive routine of finance of good to do Olympic Games provides strong safeguard.
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