Part is large sincere firm institute weighs gold 10 thousand yuan to reward 6 ou

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Xiamen net dispatch (reporter Huang Fuquan) part is large sincere firm institute weighs award yesterday 6 new students, everybody is 10 thousand yuan.

School still just say, already had even more at present 9 report for duty into new student enter a school.

Achieve Jimei university to save 2 batches of new lives that take a line surely in examinee place to achievement of the university entrance exam, give everybody the award of 10 thousand yuan of RMBs respectively, it is collect big sincere one of act that firm institute attracts outstanding source of student, this policy already carried out 6 years continuously up to now. This year, have 6 students bear the palm.

This year sincere the “ intelligence that firm college new student reports for duty to use own development first reports for duty systematic ” , 5 number after wanting those who go up to input new student admission notice only, can print a new student to be in a department to fasten, professional, full name and bank generation withhold the news clip such as cost circumstance. If not pay is tuitional, want to get stuck to be brushed gently with the bank in the spot only, perhaps order bank note aircraft one, also can finish very quickly fill managerial cost link. Later, the department “ that is in severally to the new student namely identifies door ” , take card of card of accommodation requisition, campus, pick up the goods to wait for material, can loosen easily gently sit to receive send car, live to the old rounding off of the place.