Day price nursery school will have a law to be in charge of

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Nursery school is high collect fees, the phenomenon that collects fees in disorder eventually hopeful is terminative. On August 25, xu Mei of spokesman of news of Ministry of Education expresses, as a result of,be aimed at excessive commercialize, the nursery school of certain place collects fees the state that exceeds an university far, ministry of Education is being coordinated actively hair change appoint wait for relevant section with the Ministry of finance, the plan publishs the temporary measure of nursery school rate. This action lets numerous plaint the father and mother that the nursery school on nursery school ” , “ does not have to return expensive ” than reading an university on “ child saw a hope.

The price differs a few times

“ last nursery school are too expensive now, common people is essential go up not to rise. The children that ”2007 the end of the year holds in auditorium of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference is inchoate on development forum, delegate attending the meeting and committee member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference express in succession, at every turn every month thousands of yuan collect fees, estate of firewood of a lot of labour cannot be assumed.

Be in Beijing, collect fees the one big characteristic that difference is nursery school greatly. Statistical number shows, beijing shares many 1400 nursery school, the type includes fair do garden, enterprise to do force of garden, society to do garden, foreign capital to do garden to wait, collect fees uneven. The tuition of international school nursery school is as high as 10 one year tens of thousands of yuan of RMB, common and private nursery school one year 20 thousand control to 40 thousand yuan, and fair do or business nursery school criterion every months 200 differ to 600 yuan. Confront the price difference of a few times, to send the child into public garden, parents must exert all over skill: Hold person, give sb a present in the palm, hand in … of commitment fee, day and night queueing up…

“ we shift to an earlier date large half an year signs up to the child, but nursery school says to signed up for last year full. A parent is opposite ” anxiously the reporter says, a few all round “ do not have quota of people, who thinks of last nursery school are so nervous now. ” not only such, haidian area eve of recruit students of 61 nursery school, because parent day and night queues up, the number is too much, must invite police to maintain order.

Of public nursery school in short supply push children to costly nursery school. In a few build a village, there is public nursery school at all all round, private nursery school borrows machine intensify dilate. The bilingual nursery school, nursery school that collect beautiful, calf ferry nursery school is in 21 centuries burgeoning village built much home to divide garden. To grab the market, nursery school promise gives development business rack-rent, the cost of high speed dilate wants booth finally to arrive home on chief body.
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