Shenyang Super Multi money detector banknote counter sales Cinda 2111 3300

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Note the letter of the domestic industry is the only head office in the bidding of the project 100% successful business. The 2111 cash registers in the picture notes the letter of evaluation forums offer online shopping Nett cash registers, high-speed A / D digital processing technology, to do all the sensor information is digitized, so that all cash registers to enter the digital age. Xindagongsi exclusive use of the magnetic image analysis technology, the latest Kam pseudo-mathematical model, a comprehensive interpretation of the renminbi and the magnetic ink magnetic security thread information, so that the face detection and analysis of magnetic information more accurate and reliable. Note the letter of 2111 cash registers in the horizontal structure, milky white appearance, and the common cash registers in the bank is basically the same shape. Size is 312 * 250 * 173mm, weight 7Kg. Note the letter of 2111 cash registers in a four Counting function: sub version of Smart Counting ﹑ processing, inventory count ﹑ preset count. Letter in 2111 money counter money detector banknote accurate, while more than twenty technical integration of them only, can effectively improve the point of super money detector efficiency. Can fully meet GB16999-1997 "RMB Discriminating Machine" and the People's Republic of financial requirements of industry standards JR/T0002-94 cash registers, in line with the People's Bank of China issued a "participation certificates do not address the new machine-readable RMB compatible seizure of counterfeit the requirements of testing activities, "the notice.