Exposition of China International industry (IT and equipment are exhibited)

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Can exhibit exposition of industry of name China International (IT and equipment are exhibited) cloth extends time on October 30, 2006- - showed time on October 31, 2006 on November 1, 2006- - removed on November 5, 2006 extend time on November 5, 2006- - can exhibit place Shanghai new international to read extensively on November 5, 2006 the center sponsors an unit to the country develops and reform committee
Department of Commerce undertake rich of unit Shanghai world (group) limited company assist do an unit to be able to exhibit category computer / software / Shanghai of network place area can be exhibited describe

Communication of limits of item on display and network product communication are transmitted, exchange, terminal unit, mobile reachs terminal unit, broadcast, wireless reach satellite communications equipment and service, telecommunication serves, internet information serves, the network is diagnosed reach measure integrated circuit and the electron such as equipment yuan component of parts of an apparatus of parts of an apparatus of vacuum of electron of parts of an apparatus, semiconductor device and material, integrated circuit, photoelectron, electron and component, printed circuit board, special device makes electronic industry, the electron measures technology and instrument to wait show reach product of seeing and hearing to show technology and product,

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