Network of computer of the 7th China International and information safety exhibi

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Can exhibit a name exhibition cloth exhibits network of computer of the 7th China International and information safety time on June 13, 2006- - showed time on June 14, 2006 on June 15, 2006- - removed on June 17, 2006 extend time on June 17, 2006- - can exhibit place Beijing exhibition to sponsor unit the Ministry of Public Security on June 17, 2006 communal website safety is censorial bureau
Country confidential bureau undertakes institute of information of science and technology of unit the Ministry of Public Security assist do an unit to be able to exhibit category computer / software / Beijing of network place area can be exhibited describe

◆ of safety of government affairs of electron of ◆ of ◆ Internet safety is fictitious and special net (VPN)
◆ is communal close key infrastructure (center of certificate of PKI) ◆ (CA) ◆ inbreaks testing system (IDS)
◆ network safety and computer of ◆ of security of administrative ◆ computer obtain evidence
Data of ◆ of ◆ communication safety stores / backup ◆ firewall / computer virus defends
◆ calamity dimension restores wireless safety of ◆ of ◆ safe examine and verify
◆ of ◆ palmtop computer safety grooms and laws and regulations of law of safe service ◆ is publicized

Ginseng exhibit expense

Indoor light ground: 320 dollars / smooth rice

Standard stall: 380 dollars / smooth rice

[note] standard stall includes a two campstool, lock ark, one contains company name and the lintel that extend a date board, two shoot a the lamp, power source electrical outlet, 9 carpet that make the same score rice.

Ad fare

Exhibit meeting cycle


Exhibit can dimensions


Connection means

Organizing committee secretariat
Address: The road austral Beijing capital gymnasium an electron mailbox:
Zip code: 100044 communication address: 2808 mailbox of Beijing 3 minutes of box
Contact: Cui Ziling (institute of information of science and technology of the Ministry of Public Security) Qi Jin (the Ministry of Public Security is communal safety of website sth resembling a net is censorial bureau)
Phone: (010) 88513716, 88513729, 88513730 (010) 65203930 faxes: (010) 68422265, 68423972

Remittance means