Abroad - commodity of 2006 Bengal China and technology (1/2)

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Can exhibit a name commodity of 2006 Bengal China and technology exhibit cloth to extend time on January 1, 2006- - showed time on January 2, 2006 on January 2, 2006- - removed on January 6, 2006 extend time on January 6, 2001- - center of conference of the friendship in the first month that can extend capital of place Bangladesh Bengal to amount to card on January 7, 2006 sponsors unit Department of Commerce to undertake of Zhi Wei of the couplet in unit Beijing assist do an unit to be able to exhibit a category abroad of area of other industry place can be exhibited describe

Postpone meeting introduction:
Enter new chiliad, two countries of the first month is paid attention to very much in continue to develop bilateral classics trade to concern, in view of the feasibility condition that Meng Nengyuan is in short supply, we should walk out of the strategy that go according to our country enterprise, with governmental pay interest in the form of a deduction when selling a bill of exchange loan is given priority to and other borrows money (requirement of proper and favourable loan) for complementary, the exit of the product such as equipment of Electromechanical of stimulative our country. Now, chinese commodity with its cheap and fine held Bengal with the character of wear well very big one share market, arrive from folder planar TV, from baseball the cap arrives shirt, the Chinese product such as office stationery or product of all concerned family expenses, fashionable product enters market of the first month in great quantities. Chinese product is in goods of a replacement of machinery of product of electron of the first month, electric home appliances
Limits of item on display:
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