Shandong energy-saving exposition 22 days - hold 24 days in aid

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Shandong saves a government 19 days to hold a press conference to announce, complete province construction is managing model social achievement is exhibited and exposition of energy-saving technology product on this month 22 days of ~ are held 24 days in Shun Geng international exhibition center.

This energy-saving exposition shows concentration communication each industry construction is managing model outstanding achievement of the society, popularize new technology, new product, new energy resources, arouse whole society is taken an active part in managing model social construction. The theme of exposition is, raise whole society managing consciousness, expand circular economy energetically, accelerate construction managing model society.

Exposition cent is construction managing model social achievement is exhibited, exposition of energy-saving product technology and Shandong resource are managing with can develop high-level forum continuously 3 parts. Achievement is exhibited set in first floor of Shun Geng international exhibition center, by exhibit area, place integratedly to exhibit section to become. Exhibit an area integratedly to reveal my province to be in centrally the move that ground of material of water of energy-saving, section, section, section, resource is used integratedly and the respect such as development loop economy takes and taking positive result, the place exhibits an area to reveal me to visit 17 towns construction is managing model social circumstance. Exposition field establishs energy-saving product skill in Shun Geng international exhibition center 2 buildings, advocate if the organization is domestic and international,reveal about enterprise and unit communication develop in water of energy-saving, section, new energy resources, but second birth the sources of energy, trash is used, the new technology of the domain such as industry of clean production, environmental protection, new product, new material and new technology. High-level forum is set in Shun Gengshan village to weigh Hua Tang, will attend forum chief of chief of governmental concerned branch, expert scholar, energy-saving typical unit, discuss current energy resources to supply code of situation, energy-saving policy to make jointly, the enterprise is energy-saving management, society is collective the major problem such as the action.