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2006Of Yunnan finance commodity and exposition of investment conduct financial transactions --

Finance (bank) equipment of wealth tax technology is exhibited

Time: 19-22 day ground nodded in October 2006: Kunming international exhibition center

Directive unit: Subbranch of a bank of center of Kunming of Chinese people bank

Chinese negotiable securities supervises superintendency bureau of administrative committee Yunnan

China is sure to supervise superintendency bureau of administrative committee Yunnan

Undertake unit: " times finance " Chun Di of Yunnan of company of magazine Kunming daily shows limited company

Exhibit can hold background

Industry of equipment of our country banking passes development of nearly 50 years, had formed to run government to the money, safeguard the financial order, professional facility that improves equipment modernization to having major effect and effect to make a trade. Current, the whole nation shares professional manufacturer more than 200, the product involves soft, coin, check kind, how does bill processing equipment, surveillance prevent government of system of equipment, network to wait for hundreds kinds of product and 6 kinds of big technologies. Only the bank blocks what with its his each industry gets stuck to bind reach cooperative application surely market demand will achieve 689 million pieces this year. Build pace and equipment strength to increase as informatization of our country finance, financial electron changes construction to develop quickly, the demand administrative levels that finance serves rises stage by stage, software of understanding banking industry and solution of newest financial business system appear pressing need.
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