Number of international of the 3rd Beijing reachs network video exhibition

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Time: 13 days of ground nodded ﹣ on December 11, 2006: Beijing • China International exhibits a center to sponsor an unit: of guild of network of Beijing of China of association of Chinese Beijing Information Industry assist run an unit: Committee member of major of enterprise of number of association of Chinese Beijing Information Industry inspects dispatch major committee telecommunication operation supports professional committee to undertake unit: Couplet of boreal capital trade shows finite liability companySupport an unit: Iron of China of company of group of satellite communications of China of company of group of communication of network of China of limited company of communication of combination of China of company of group of mobile of China of company of Chinese telegraphic group connects of group limited company ■ market background: As the bitter fleabane of Internet technology suddenly develops, of broadband technology gain ground, video multimedia technology, IP video technology and video equipment make technical advance rapidly, video communication technology is in by more and more use each fields widely. Especially the rapid development of IP network drives IP network video to be perfected increasingly, make the main development way of video industry. Chinese video market is the market that the whole world increases to also have appeal the most quickly most. According to authoritative branch investigation shows, the user scale that video conference equipment already bought in the key industry orgnaization such as government, finance, the sources of energy, communication, traffic, medical treatment, education was achieved 66.3% . This explains video conference system has become the important measure that for Chinese society main trade news communicates and passes. Need not doubt, before the challenge that brings in current informatization society and good luck, video communication business chance infinite, this industry is having news report of video of sufficient evidence palpability cannot the future of set limit to. Below this kind of setting, sponsor by guild of network of association of Chinese Beijing Information Industry, Beijing " number of international of the 3rd Beijing and network video exhibition " will on December 11, 2006 - the center is exhibited 13 days to be held ceremoniously in China International. Invite sincerely your participation! ■ target audience:
Electric power of national defence of sanitation of insurance of business of operation of telegraphic course of study, network, broadcasting television, various government organization, finance, education, medical treatment, manufacturing industry, public security, the sources of energy, content flows, industry of postal, traffic, irrigation works, retail trade, hotel, groom course of study, conference and show a service relevant industry user.
Manager of branch of dimension of carry of telecommunication and expert of wide cable industry, network, information / data / newsletter of manager of technical safeguard branch, industry / network controller, system is compositive business / agent / agency, conference / reveal equipment to hire dealer; Informatization of controller of governmental purchase department, enterprise / place of courtyard of leader of director of company knowledge management, scientific research / logistics of institution of higher learing and the enterprise outside purchasing chief, sea is stationed in China delegate. ■ show content: Equipment of communication of ★ multimedia video: (Include video conference system, picturephone; Mobile video communication; Circulate type media technology and applied plan; Virtual reality technology reachs applied solution; VOD product, equipment of video order programme; ) system of application of ★ main industry and solution: Moisture in the soil of ⒖ of low field of Gan of Mei of ㄊ leisurely pray embraces explore of aspic of ⒃ of black postscript low field to escape cleanse of leisurely of ⑹ of low field of Pu of agitate of peach of aspic of ⒃ of  low field only then leisurely of Li of  of ⑼ of low field of bank of silk ribbon of knife of leisurely of Ling of Gan of ⑽ of  low field guides Nie impossibles small car:  ㄍ team talks about team of bluff ㄕ  by earnest ah earnest of dust  the Huaihe River talks about ⒈ punish team  of ㄊ of  of leap up of Li of hesitating bite  shows Li of Ka Li  imprints PDP of  RT TV, flat TV, LCD) ; LED big screen (indoor, outdoor) indication screen, LED yuan parts of an apparatus; Wall of big screen, TV; Plasma (PDP) indication screen; Big screen liquid crystal (LCD) indication screen; Other shows (TD, EL, FL, FED, VFD) reach all sorts of light valve monitor to wait; Electronic paper. Equipment of video of ★ seesaw pattern:  of a man's cap used in ancient times of  of ⑾ of idle of Piao of ò  ㄅ scrupulously and respectfully technology of image of number of ★ of? of  of fierce chaste tree of  of Lu of eight of ⒂ Gao aim: Technology of animation of 3D of ★ of? of  of blessing of uncut jade of exuviate of  of press and smooth of Pan of cangue of Yun of let down with a rope of ⒌ of vinegar of border of short for Weihe River of clip of Lian of postscript of ǜ whistle в and solution:  of Biao of ⒒ of  of far  of ǖ let down with a rope swallows video of number of ★ of? of  of acyl of border of  of faint Wu Ч to collect, editor, transmission system and applied plan; Multimedia video is made reach plan; ■ the technology communicates:The organizing committee will arrange many technical communication to meet during the exhibition, in order to develop product of communication of trade of technology, classics, conduct propaganda, introduction. Each enterprise and research unit can apply for to hold, the theme is decided oneself, with ginseng exhibit an application form to sign up for an organizing committee along with all the others, so that reach early arrangement to communicate field, advertisement conduct propaganda, help constituent major audience. Every a hour, domestic company expenses 8000 yuan of RMBs, foreign company expenses 1500 dollars. ■ strong media conduct propaganda: Exhibit the effect to make each ginseng exhibit business to be able to achieve best ginseng. Advocate undertake the orgnaization undertakes funds of devoted a huge sum the oldest rate and the most extensive conduct propaganda are popularized, will reach in China internationally professional magazine, the press, TV, broadcasting station, network (80) undertake conduct propaganda, and through undertaking the unit stores database resource, inform relevant unit with the means such as fax, straight mail, E-mail. Can pass at the same time before exhibiting, preview distribute invitation, can browse congress website to get newest exhibit meeting information. ■ the standard is exhibited the ground that reach light:Joint-stock international of company property home exhibits a smooth ground to exhibit a smooth ground to extend a solely price 8800 yuan / / exhibition period 900 yuan / ㎡ / exhibition period 12000 yuan / / exhibition period 1200 yuan / ㎡ / exhibition period 2500 dollars / / exhibition period 250 dollars / ㎡ / : Exhibit a configuration 1) the standard exhibits a 9m
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