French Paris international is safe 2006 things and fire prevention, save equipme

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Sponsor an unit: Exhibit meeting site: Parisian Nord Villepinte exhibits France houseHold time: 2006-11-7Contact means: 021-55560436/295/732-1007/1008Contact: Wang Gong 13761809649Exhibit meeting content:
French Paris international is safe 2006 things and fire prevention, save equipment exhibition

[extend meeting time] in November 2006 7 - 10 days
[exhibit meeting site] French Paris Nord Villepinte exhibits a house
[organizing committee] encourage is exhibited read extensively group
[exhibit meeting cycle] two years

[limits of item on display]
Ensure public security kind: Power supply illume, measure identity of danger equipment, guard against theft and early-warning device, pass in and out to identify equipment, data defends equipment, independent operation defends physics of segregation equipment, mechanical equipment ensures public security facility for transporting of system of security of equipment, remote control, security personnel;
Labor insurance kind: Project of device of exploration warning of mark of labor insurance caution, labor insurance, biology defends person of equipment of things of cleanness of system, labor insurance, emergency treatment (hand, foot, head) dress of things of exercise of wholesome protective equipment, headroom, labor insurance;
Fire prevention kind: Device of breathing equipment, aerosol control equipment, ventilated equipment, fire prevention, exploration alarm box, fixed / device of portable put out a fire, daily fire prevention is safeguarded things, urgent flee for one's life equipment.

[postpone meeting brief introduction]
Articles for use of safety of French Paris international and fire prevention, save equipment exhibition biennially to be held (Feng Shuang counts a particular year to hold) , by the biggest exhibition company on the world, encourage is exhibited read extensively the group is sponsorred, it is one of force has most inside this industry professional exhibition on eye preexistence bound. Should exhibit meeting general to exhibit composition by two 2006, include security of the 21st international things exhibition and the 7th fire prevention, save equipment exhibition, cover security personnel kind (Security) , labor insurance kind (Safety At Work) , with fire prevention kind (Fire Fighting) of 3 parts showpiece subject matter. Show according to exhibiting the data that can provide, because its are professional,should exhibit and attend a meeting the high quality of visiting travelling merchant and warm up continuously.
[exhibit can review]
Exhibited 2004 can exhibit net area is amounted to 26, 067 square metre, have come from the 944 extraction such as France, United States, England, Germany, Austria, Belgian, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Spain, Finnish, Italy, Holand, Pakistan, Switzerland, Sweden, Korea, China and Taiwan the enterprise of various places of bound each country is joined exhibit, among them 54.80% come from French mainland, 45.20% outside coming from French condition, after the meeting of 93% exhibit business to express to will continue to attend 2006 exhibit meeting. Attended a meeting professional audience is amounted to 2004 23, 196 person-time, come from 87 countries and area respectively, among them the audience of 13.90% comes from outside French condition. Relatively compared 2002, foreign trade audience grows 13.93% . Attend the meeting visiting travelling merchant is mirrorred generally, should exhibit for promotional the communication that buys the home and ginseng to postpone business and communication, promoted bilateral trade compose to build a wonderful platform.
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