The flow of conference management (plan piece)

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This phase time is the normally longest, the thing is most, the matter that because want,prepares is very much, had better begin a bit earlier to undertake so.

1. Before the meeting two years half:
(1) defines meeting date and field: Inspect place, assess consultative fee.
(2) evaluates exchequer and make a budget: Beforehand this record income reachs estimate defray.
(3) establishs preparatory committee: The person selected that invites relevant section to suit divides the work.
(4) establishs secretariat: Appoint a staff member, find a place for equipment establishs record.
(5) designs conference Logo: Is ⑿ of Suan of ≈ Pu Europe fat be good at?
(6) decides hotel room counts book: Inspect use hotel room and facility, ask restaurant quote, autograph to make an appointment with.
(7) decides assembly room uses a measure: Inspect autograph of concerned equipment, field to make an appointment with.
(8) makes work schedule: But appoint make preparations by the conference the person controls rate of progress planned speed.
(9) collect prepares conduct propaganda to send list: Send the conference to publicize data, application form to wait.
(10) holds preparatory meeting regularly, examine each work schedule and resolution.
2. Before the meeting 2 years:
(1) makes preparatory layout book, in order to carries a newspaper governmental unit applies for funds allowance or to money of collect of civilian relevant organization: Contain; of conference genesis, tenet, content to plan to invite; of lecturer battle array, theme to prepare committee organization and list; Duty of each groups of jobs, work schedule and budget.
(2) protocol extends a plan: How is this second conference publicized effectively.
(The conference with 3) appropriate make choice of or firm of exhibition major adviser, can assist the conference that sponsors unit whole compasses to delimit one has professional level, avoid manpower resources waste, effective control is estimated expenditure.
(4) drafts academic program: Affirmatory meeting theme and plan to invite list of the member that tell.
(5) decides cost signing up and relevant charge: Can consult previously the conference and by preparatory meeting resolution.
(The data such as 6) collect travel, art article: Can appoint professional travel agent to deal with.
(7) decides whether the conference uses synchronous interpreter: If need to use, must book personnel of equipment, interpreter, increase a budget.
3. Before the meeting 18 months:
(1) drafts conference announce: Contain place of date of invitation letter, meeting, theme to wait.
(2) pressworks and send conference give public notice: Preliminary and premonitory likelihood participates in a personage, congress general at when He Deju travel and the data such as cost signing up.
(3) determines academic program configuration and content: Hair case invites speechmaker and compere of each showing number.
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