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"Can exhibit property " this kind of formulation is home is peculiar it seems that, because of great majority conference or exhibition course of study the developed country will discuss course of study and exhibition course of study to part relatively. The management that this can praise multilateral home to exhibit an activity to meeting from abroad sees on system and statistical method, leave add up of large conference activity government to travel department commonly namely, exhibition course of study serves as an industry to come alone management and statistic. Actually, for the angle that develops a target from the industry, it use what formulation is not important to use what formulation, because, although be mixed in main body content,run the distinction of essence of the existence on means, but the farther confluence of the conference and exhibition is more and more apparent. Below, we are analysed according to the relevant theory of industrial economics " can exhibit property " the scientific sex of this one formulation.
Traditional industrial economics point of view thinks, the industry is to point to " the floorboard Derek French And Heather Saward of its major servicing or the business category with general and same product, dictionary Of Management, pan Books, london " , i.e. an industry is by congener enterprise (point to manage identical major servicing or produce congener product) form. Because of this, a lot of economist although very hold with " can exhibit economy " formulation, but think again at the same time -- from theoretic tell, can exhibit course of study to cannot make the industry of a standard. Its are main the reason has at 3 o'clock:
1, if serve as an industry, the investment that can exhibit property and yield to be calculated clearly hard, because can exhibit a product,offer jointly by a certain number of relevant industries, final profit also flowed to the enterprise of different type;
2, can exhibiting property is not formed by congener enterprise, transport company of conference plan or service company, exhibition company, item on display, reveal the distinction with design and the business that build the business such as the company and product clear presence;
3, the standard trade that great majority can extend enterprise be subordinate to to belong to a certain tradition, if be subordinate to of transport company of item on display belongs to the traffic carrying trade, design that exhibit a stage and the room that build be subordinate to to belong to advertising, ginseng to exhibit business and professional audience,recieve belong to hotel industry to wait.
However, in the socioeconomy life of a lot of countries or area, can exhibit course of study to existing objectively really, developing ahead with the speed of two digit. Just the economic developed country such as Germany, United States, Hong Kong and area are general will view trade (business affairs calls travel below a lot of circumstances) with the exhibition course of study parts, home is together conference course of study and exhibition profession merger however. According to afore-mentioned analysises, the author made following limitting to can exhibiting property:
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