German meeting extends educational pattern

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In 20 centuries 80 time end, exhibition course of study of Germany has comparatived develop, but also face move and the bottleneck problem that at present China can exhibit likeness of course of study at that time: Lack can be offerred specialization and the orgnaization that systematization teachs, existing be not professional one's previous experience from great majority of personnel of course of study, the management staff that shows a company especially needs systematic education more. Below this kind of circumstance, the Bai Ye of university of education of collaboration of lucky Wen Sibao (Beier) the professor takes the lead established Germany can exhibit management the first times is. Come when today, german meeting exhibits education to had been famous in the whole world, the abidance that shows course of study for Germany, develop steadily fostered a large number of professional, formed basically produce, learn, teach interactive good mechanism. The meeting of Germany of make a comprehensive view exhibits education to develop the history and current situation, can generalize its mode for the following at 4 o'clock:
1, managerial power is centralized
Germany is the world's accepted exhibition kingdom, but it is in can exhibiting educational field is not our imagination in that way, set relevant major in a lot of schools. Current, there basically is two schools open to be able to exhibit education in Germany, it is Ruiwensibao collaboration teachs a college, another is division grand university (economics courtyard is set can exhibit course of economic direction Master) , development of two schools amlposition, bring out the best in each other, former lay particular stress on carries out an operation, theory of latter lay particular stress on studies [1] . Among them, university of education of collaboration of lucky Wen Sibao is an average college only, be equivalent to professional technology university of home, but this school can exhibit management to fasten at holding water formally 1986, exhibited a company to establish extensive connection and cooperative relationship with numerous meeting, to whole Germany even the development of world exhibition course of study rose very big urge action, can exhibit a bound to have in the whole world consequently taller famous degree.
2, professional education is custom-built change
Heart congress exhibits education to basically belong to directional education, those who adopt is with group the talent of the collaboration that postpone business develops pattern, namely the student comes from each meetings to exhibit a company mostly, the farewell after the course learns and grooming works to former company. These students are OK at ordinary times from can exhibit a company to win wage, some is learning or groom while the part that still shares a company works; On the other hand, the teacher is paid attention to very in education process absorb classic case and operation experience from inside the student, collect the newest trends of industry, the feedback after undertaking analysis, abstraction gives a student, teach in this kind, learn organic and interactive environment to fall, education and study have more specific target.
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