2006 United States pull Si Wei to add international of Si Dong season to consume

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Can exhibit a name 2006 United States pull Si Wei to add international of Si Dong season to consume kind of electron exhibition (CES) cloth extends time on January 4, 2006- - showed time on January 4, 2006 on January 5, 2006- - removed on January 8, 2006 extend time on January 8, 2006- - can exhibit place COEX to exhibit a center to sponsor Manufacturers Association of unit electron consumable to undertake on January 8, 2006 of limited company of exhibition of the Europe in unit Shenzhen city assist do an unit to be able to exhibit a category to correspond / communication / abroad of electronic place area can exhibit a description

1, consumptive electron product: Include equipment of of all kinds television, kinescope equipment, high fidelity equipment, seeing and hearing, camera, radio, combination equipment of plane of sport of musical instrument of phonograph of all sorts of acoustics, car acoustics, lamps and lanterns, horological, laser, DVD, electron, electron, picturephone, broadcasting television and product of form a complete set, mobile telephone.
2, personal computer, multimedia, peripheral and fittings, software.
3, digital recreation product: Game computer, can inspect recreation of game system, education, information recreation.
4, communication hardware, software and service: Technology of mobile communication and voice news report, number news report, image communication, broadcast communication,
The transmission equipment such as cable of satellitic communication technology, communication and cable.
5, relevant electron yuan parts of an apparatus and electronic material

Ginseng exhibit expense

Ad fare

Exhibit meeting cycle


Exhibit can dimensions

Should exhibit by Manufacturers Association of American electron consumable (abbreviation CEMA) is sponsorred. CES is the biggest on the world, the influence is most extensive consume kind of electron technology year exhibit, also be the distinguished gathering of consumptive technology line of business with the greatest whole world, gathered at present the most outstanding tradition consumes kind of electron manufacturer and IT core manufacturer, attracted fan of numerous equipment of new and high technology, the betting with annual and alive famous bound city -- Las Vegas holds. The 38th exhibition exhibited an area 2005 138 thousand square metre, professional audience 129, 328 person-time, the ginseng that comes from 110 many nations of world and area postpones a business nearly 2500, include Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Cisco, Suo Ni, pine to fall among them, the international such as riverside of 3 ocean, Xia Pu, pioneer, Toshiba, flying benefit is famous enterprise. Letter of Er of our country sea, sea, Kang Jia, long rainbow, mansion China, a tall building is new, achieve dimension, first division, 10 thousand benefit are amounted to, on the ginseng of 59 well-known companies such as wide report is exhibited. According to not complete count, the spot signs a contract dollar of 100 million 1 ten million, intent contract 200 million dollar, get better trade result. Should exhibit the important channel that is United States of exit of product of our country electron.
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