Shenyang - the 10th (northeast) countrywide medicines and chemical reagents, pro

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Can exhibit a name the 10th (northeast) countrywide medicines and chemical reagents, health care tastes Fair cloth to extend time on December 30, 2005- - showed time on December 31, 2005 on January 2, 2006- - removed on January 3, 2006 extend time on January 3, 2006- - can exhibit palace of place Shenyang science to be able to exhibit a center to sponsor an unit to undertake on January 3, 2006 unit tomorrow company assist do an unit to be able to exhibit category biology / medicine / city of Shenyang of province of Liaoning of sanitarian place area can be exhibited describe

In ◆ prescription drug drug of officinal blame prescription all sorts of new drug are special among material of Chinese traditional medicine of medical Tibet medicine body goods of biological product microelement
Chinese traditional medicine of country of medicine of the acridine in unconscious medicine protects breed natural medicaments medicinal material

◆ health care tastes hairdressing of health care of health food of food of health of sanitarian things green to taste nourishing health care

Medicine of family planning of things of appeal of appliance of health care of things of adult of things of ◆ family planning provides sexual health care to taste things of gymnastical appliance sweethearts
Underwear of beautiful body, appeal

Blister packaging of velar bag medicines and chemical reagents uses outer packing of bag of the ◆ medicine infusion that pack aluminum foil is not PVC kind infusion uses aluminous model of paper of film, bag compound film,
Aluminous model combines infusion bottle of appliance of disinfection of lid of combination of aluminous model of bottle of fluid of profess to convinced of bottle of fluid of bag profess to convinced the series such as the lid

◆ pharmacy is mechanical: Machinery of machinery of raw material medicine and equipment, preparation, officinal disintegrator machinery of instrument, prepared herbal medicine in small pieces ready of decoction, medicaments detects equipment.

◆ package machine: The equipment of medicines and chemical reagents that pack, shape equipment, flexible package equipment.

◆ packs goods to reach the material that pack: The word engine, labelling machine, cartoning machine, strapping machine, machine that pull a tube, ampoule production machine, asepsis is filled
Fill and the equipment of fill of coal tub outfit, container, goods that pack, box that pack, material that pack.

◆ medicine packs reach a technology: Pack information of the science and technology that prevent bogus, gush code, dozen code, form code is compound technical equipment, sticking mark, bronzing is
All, brand, roll not mark, dry offset print brushs the equipment that pack, relevant computer system of service of special software, automation government, graph
Book, magazine.

Medicine of ◆ raw material reachs intermediate put oneself in another's position: Chinese traditional medicine is medicine of content of material, extraction, folk, healthy product raw material, intermediate body.
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