Metal of 2006 Jiangsu international machines industrial exhibition

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Metal of 2006 Jiangsu international machines industrial exhibition

Postpone meeting brief introduction:
Ginseng extend time: 2006-06-03 comes 2006-06-05
Periodic: 1 year /
Establish time: 1 year
Application ends: 2006-05-05
Nod showpiece: Nanjing international exhibits a center
Exhibit house title: Nanjing international exhibits a center
Sponsor an unit: Jiangsu saves industrial economy federation
Hurried of China International trade is met Nanjing branch
China International chamber of commerce
Undertake unit: Nanjing phoenix shows limited company

Special support: Chinese Electromechanical intranet (Http://
Chinese Electromechanical shows a network (Http://
China Electromechanical net (Http://
Sell mechanically-laid web (Http://
MM " sell machine " magazine

Detailed information:
■ introductive
As be opened ceaselessly and economy grows quickly continuously, the manufacturing industry of our country has risen to 8 ﹪ in the proportion in world manufacturing industry, to 2020, this one scale will achieve 20 ﹪ above, the manufacturing industry that Jiangsu saves is banner at the whole nation, be known as " the world creates treatment base " , the industry of and other places of port of lake of the Nanjing of its administer, Suzhou, saddle hill that does not have stannum, Changzhou, Nantong, Yangzhou, Xuzhou and vicinity, overgrown with weeds, mussel, Hefei the enterprise is numerous, metallic treatment, machinery is made quite develop, and dimensions big, craft rate of new, automation is high, the demand to advanced metal processing technique and equipment of relevant form a complete set is driving at the same time. What produce business, agency to reveal a metal to machine equipment is new article, high-quality goods; To reveal the oneself of the enterprise inside course of study figure is mixed actual strength, widen the market; Communicate to make domestic and international person of the same trade learns each other together, strengthen cooperation, conspire industry development; To give both sides of supply and demand to offer one is gotten acquainted with each other, negotiate, trading place, by Jiangsu the province is versed in trade of already aid federation, China International closes to the unit such as meeting Nanjing branch is sponsorred " exhibition of industry of treatment of metal of 2006 Jiangsu international " will be in center of Nanjing international exhibition to hold in June 2006.
Jiangsu saves the economy that is the whole nation greatly, gross National Product resides the whole nation the 2nd, force of her science and technology good, economy expands base of strong, economy demand of fast, market is big; Provincial capital - Nanjing, radiation Su Na, North Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, market radiate range is wide. "Exhibition of industry of treatment of metal of 2006 Jiangsu international " hold in Nanjing, can give supply and demand both sides surely with rich and generous redound!
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