Seminar of international of industry of 2005 China multimedia and exhibition

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Invitation letter Seminar of international of industry of MMEC2005 China multimedia and exhibition
Directive unit: Ministry of science and technology of MII culture ministry sponsors an unit: Center of media of international of Association for Computing Machinery of United States of of Beijing multimedia guild sponsors jointly: Chinese electron inspects undertake like guild unit: Beijing star reveals limited company to mark exhibition assist run an unit: Chinese animation learns Chinese trade to close to Guangdong of federation of economy of industry of Beijing of meeting Beijing branch saves multimedia guild to support an unit: Publication bureau of news of Beijing of bureau of TV of film of broadcast of Beijing of stimulative bureau of industry of Beijing of Beijing culture bureau is abroad support:   of   of   of Swiss multimedia association industry of culture of Korea of association of multimedia of Chile of association of multimedia of Austria of interactive media association revitalizes Australia courtyard
Stride 21 centuries, chinese abidance develops attract worldwide attention, china will affect the world, the world also will experience China. This second exhibit meeting, will bring to global multimedia industry shake epoch-makingly, this is the significant activity in domain of global multimedia high-tech, of the milepost type that is influence China and development of estate of world future multimedia more exhibit meeting. The theme of exhibition is: Span chasm, the person that help ginseng exhibits spans: The communication chasm of the home of culture wide gap of the communication chasm east of enterprise and the transform chasm enterprise and capital demand chasm company that buy enterprise of chasm of supply and demand and technology and government and west and international [exhibition date arranges] cloth extends time: In December 2005 AM 9:0 of day of 18 - 19PM 17:0 of 0 –0 opening ceremony: On December 20, 2005 AM 10: 00 exhibits time: Tuesday of day of 20 - 22 came to remove on Thursday in December 2005 extend time: On December 22, 2005 PM 14:00