The flow of conference management (carry out piece)

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Before all meetings plan, preparation is for these days sessional, have the preparation of perfect, this phase can have perfect show. Before the meeting 3 days come sessional:
1, hold a press conference: Preparative press release and congress are relevant data.
2, the spot recieves / staff member rehearse: Preparatory committee is main the committee member also should show up.
3, report for duty relevant data bagging: Arrange carry to the assembly room.
4, each place decorates postmortem: Affirm and the spot is checked and accept.
5, each program, performance rehearses: Emcee or compere also should show up.
6, decoration of assembly room desk and chair affirms: Screen of microphone / of / of lamplight / acoustics / odd gun of projector / of dais / epidiascope / one by one postmortem is not had by accident.
7, check-in / secretariat Sep-up: Report for duty the data enters the arena related data and congress.
8, exhibition manufacturer enters the arena: The manufacturer reports for duty and send relevant material.
9, postmortem meal arrangement: Cross-check amount, menu.
10, congress begins formally: Express according to working flow (after Run-book) undertakes day-to-day work of each job; end, main job controller needs to center summary to have when day work do not have any is short of to break need instant improvement, at the same time again prepare lessons before class working flow of the 2nd day.

The flow of conference management (deal with problems arising from an accident works piece)
The person of very much preparatory conference connects regular meeting oversight this phase, although,actually deal with problems arising from an accident works very tired, had prepared so long meeting to conclude satisfactorily eventually especially, who to hold the post of to wanted to rest well, but there still are a lot of jobs to want to sum up actually after the conference concludes, after wanting to complete these works, the conference just calculates an end. A person operating from within in coordination with outside forces of a month after the meeting has done following summary works:
1. Statistic signs up for celebrity to count: Assign country and number.
2. Check with restaurant total housing counts: Collect Zhang sheet and pay Zhang the money.
3. Financial settle accounts.
4. Compose / sends acknowledgment letter: Assist unit and speechmaker / compere to wait.
5. Hold Qing Gongyan.
6. Arrange plenary meeting relevant data and file: Contain an application form.
7. Hold summary to be able to report case of income and expenses: Conference of end a case disbands preparatory commission.
8. Paper market is made up write.
9. Compensation detailed list, in order to have second the beginning of the year declares income tax.
10. End a case.

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