The United States shows the administrative pattern of place

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Be in the United States, exhibition property is right of local economy pull a movement to use apparently, according to concerning investigation branch estimation, every person that look around looks around to want defray on average every time 1200 dollars, can bring local gross domestic product the 2000 growth to 8000 dollars. With respect to itself of exhibition course of study character, the growth rate that will show an industry for years is gotten more quickly than American GDP growth much.

Be in the United States, major exhibition center is communal. In the exhibition center that exceeds 2500 square metre in completely beautiful area, about 64 % (about 243) exhibition center belongs to local government all. In long-term industrial development process, formed 3 kinds of communal exhibition centers that have a characteristic each to manage mode.

The government manages mode

Although a lot of communal exhibition centers are deficit large family, local government serves as possessory direct administration, still can acquire certain and crucial interest. Above all, the management that exhibits a center can reflect a government to develop the intent of region economy and specific industry better. Next, control saloon ground market to be able to regard exhibition market as the method of macroscopical adjusting control. Accordingly, the government manages directly is a kind of important communal exhibition center of American manages mode. Normally method is congress and bureau of general affairs of the person that look around hold water in local government, be in charge of running communal exhibition center. In this mode, exhibition organizer books saloon ground to need this orgnaization to be registered beforehand, is not to exhibit a center.

In governmental government mode falls, although certain service also outside the bag gives have contractor only, but bureau of general affairs of the person that look around has administrative team commonly, include market sale, sale and public concern personnel. In very long period, the municipal exhibition center of governmental government jockeys through rising the price and offer more have the kind such as the service only, can increase income and profit.

To municipal exhibition center, gain ability often is based on following and crucial factor: The political structure of management substance (think commonly, the administrative excel municipality of committee of / of private or authoritative orgnaization) ; The to specific exhibition center and whole tourism sale that comes from a city supports; The most important is, exhibit the quality that bureau of general affairs of the person that the center is managed and look around governs.

Regard governmental government as an example of mode, georgia created management board of center of conference of Qiao Zhiya world, with develop and managing Qiao Zhiya world conference center, Qiao Zhiya " vaulted room " , park of hundred years Olympic and relevant establishment, with promote and those convenient giving Georgia and Atlanta city create the exhibition of economic interest.
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