The job that exhibit a stage prepares (one)

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The personnel that exhibit a stage trains:

To assure to exhibit goodly efficiency is mixed the effect, after providing the personnel that exhibit a stage, must undertake grooming to them. It is to employ commission staff or fixed staff member to include company senior staff to ought to be accepted temporarily no matter groom. Groomed purpose is to make understanding of the personnel that exhibit a stage exhibits purpose, master skill of the work that exhibit a stage, develop collaboration and collective drive.

Job of the Training Within Industry that exhibit a stage ought to include exhibit a job to plan, make a normal work. If the condition permits what compare calibration plan with respect to arrangement to groom, should undertake before kick off simple work is explained at least with instructor. Groom the job can exhibit a personnel hind in make choice of namely proceed. Normaller groom the form includes preparatory meeting or groom class, time can be to come two days a long time, but the place should be arranged technically. Want to use education to assist a tool as far as possible, for instance measuring projector, teaching materials. Groom the method wants as far as possible normal, normaller, show the organizer's attention more, groom the effect is better also. If main controller enters an exhibition, also should attend training, this is advantageous to improving training result.

Groom content should have a system, groom material should compile and print whole set. A few more Euramerican the exhibition with special arrangement of advisory company of research organization of exhibition guild of the country, exhibition, exhibition grooms, the technical work that exhibit a stage grooms teaching material, video tape, can buy reference to use. Groom teaching material should indicate private rate, groom content and measure can be divided for 3 parts, arrangement is as follows:

Circumstance introduction. Include personnel introduction, preparatory circumstance introduction, showpiece circumstance introduction. The purpose of circumstance introduction is to make the personnel that exhibit a stage familiar showpiece setting, environment and condition. Above all mutual self introduction, the person that groom and accept the person that groom self introduction, want to introduce full name, work not only, introduce the knowledge that showing a side and experience even. Introduce showpiece, include exhibition and the circumstance that exhibit a stage. Exhibition circumstance, include name, site, showpiece seat of the ground level of date, time opening a shop, field, position that exhibit a house, passageway, office, dining-room, toilet, the circumstance that exhibit a stage includes to exhibit intent, showpiece the audience of purpose, target, position that exhibit a stage, serial number that exhibit a stage, layout that exhibit a stage, whole arrangement that works showpiece. Postpone a mobile introduction, include activity of day of news conference, opening ceremony, house, honoured guest to recieve an activity to wait, raise corresponding working requirement to exhibiting station staff. Introduction of item on display, want to introduce each item on display in detail, its function, data, usage, utility. Market introduction, include to sell habit of system of dimensions, sale channel, regulations, characteristic and sale price to wait.
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