The English name of the conference

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Annual now the international meeting that world each district has thousands of is held, their English name each are not identical, be like next distinguishing normally.
1.Meeting is the general and overall title that of all kinds person has meeting for some purpose. Its original means points to meet with someone or meet. The means that be here: If have two over person to gather one case,discuss, behavior of this kind of activity is called the conference. Because the definition of the conference comparatives to distinguish clearly very hard extensively so, it is meant of all kinds gather, have preparation or extemporaneous, formal or informal, time can grow but short, dimensions but can small, join a number but much but little etc. To make clear conference sort, because this conference name needs,differentiate further.
2.Conference is the conference of type of point out mistakes so that they can be corrected, last a few days normally, have a specific theme, collect the person that has common interest objective, often happen to discuss normally on colloquium. Be compared and character, colloquium is to point to special major or academic activity commonly. Cite a case, the environmental protection that we can say to some gentleman attended to be held in Beijing last week is talked theory meeting. People can point to the meeting that alive bound limits holds normally with international forum, have the participator that comes from different country.
3.Its plural form is Symposium Symposiums or Symposia. Point to the meeting that special learning discusses only. Can go up in special subject, the expert of some kind of specific domain, the scholar discusses a specific subject with the person that attend the meeting. Compare with colloquium Conference photograph, special topic will be general more narrow sense refers in particular to some limits. Cite a case, the seminar of international of education of English of the 2nd college that we can say to they will attend to was held in Hong Kong May. Will teach language skill at the appointed time, the style of language learner and strategy, new science and technology and new method and other to it pertinent question undertakes discussing. On dimensions special subject can compare colloquium small, because occasionally a colloquium includes a few special subject that hold at the same time,meet (meet like satellitic special subject) , this kind of colloquium can be called to work the conference, do not apply to special subject conference. In addition, some conferences stem from politics to negotiate political meeting to call a government the conference by the government, and do not be called special subject to meet.
4.Congress basic characteristic is by exclusive of the country, government or the delegate that are not governmental organization or committee member attend. Its holding is to discuss controversial issue, plan and public interest. Scale is normally large, have representative, range is wide. Illustrate: Congress of woman of the 4th world is held by U.N. , hold in Beijing, 20 thousand delegates that come from world each district are attended.
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