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Office equipment and bank system commerce exhibit Melbourne international to exhibit a trading company to hold by Australia. This exhibition company is the international conference that high reputation enjoys on the world and one of exhibition organizers, exhibit internationally by what it sponsors spread all over Africa, India and middle east each district. This exhibition is one of exhibitions with the most outstanding Australia, by place consider as inside course of study reach for mainland cosmopolitan buy the home to get used to sudden vicissitude of the market and competition, discovery the new trend of new information, understanding, optimal platform that attracts a large number of clients. Exhibit around move office stationery and bank system, divide in all for 4 themes: Furniture, supplies, technologies, services.

Australia is huge commercial country, economy developeds and grow continuously in recent years. Sydney, Melbourne and city of industry and commerce is opposite on the west the demand that office things and bank system industry are maintaining rapid growth.

God bestows the economy of the climate with friendly Melbourne, prosperity and perfect commercial environment. In rank of city of seat of headquarters of world large company, melbourne ranks 13. 10 big companies have Australia 8 headquarters are located in Melbourne. It is Australian industry and commerce, science and technology, communication most the area that develop. . .

The exhibition holds the ground- - Melbourne international exhibition center is the international exhibition center with the largest Australia, total 1996 finishing investment is used. It has the Southern Hemisphere the monolayer exhibition of the largest area, exhibition gross area exceeds 30000 square metre. Ever was awarded by APIC of orgnaization of world-renowned exhibition association " center of world optimal exhibition " title.

One, extend meeting time: On October 13, 2005, 15 days

2, exhibit meeting site: Melbourne international exhibition center

3, limits of item on display:

Office / bank / school facilities and its accessory, conference / recieve the accessory on system of deposit of desk and chair of equipment, chest, bookshelf, carpet, computer, file, local area network, workbench, label, calendar, paper and presswork, desk, envelope, pen, pencil, book, map. . .
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