Abroad exhibits the integrated sales promotion of course of study

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Integrated (Integration, integrate, combine (parts) Into A Whole, join namely departmental make the meaning of one whole, zhang Fangjie: " Oxford is contemporary and advanced dictionary of English-Chinese double solution " , oxford press, 1984) it is a resource optimizes the process that use, common ground is told, contain " concentration is small force handles a major issue " meaning. Popularize likeness with the whole of conference course of study, abroad exhibits course of study to pay attention to integrated sales promotion very, all sorts of advantageous elements that expand exhibition line of business namely combine a kind of integrated advantage outward bound conduct propaganda, in order to fill the effectiveness that cent produces limited fund and labor power. Its incorporate has the following at 4 o'clock:
1, government / association support
Showing course of study developed country or area, the government does not interfere exhibition general affairs directly commonly (although invest construction place, also entrust technical company is managed and manage) , and put working emphasis in the industry macroscopical adjusting control, make industry standard and supportive industry development go up, among them the integral sales promotion that a main job is constituent state or urban exhibition course of study. When having integral sale, government often will native or publicize and all sorts of exhibition element combinations of this city are popularized into a kind of integrated advantage, basically include division of industrial policy, city, place establishment, do exhibit space of level, market, travel to recieve ability to wait. It is with Hong Kong exemple, long-term since, bureau of development of special zone trade devotes oneself to to publicize its policy advantage, area energetically to world each country advantage and service dominant position, obtained remarkable integrated result.
Next, be in economic developed country or area, local commerce promotes the side of integral sales promotion that the branch is showing course of study to producing main effect. Hong Kong exhibits course of study to be able to obtain today's result, with Hong Kong commerce development bureau promotes respect efforts in commerce is not divided. Trade hair bureau builds the giant database that one records data of industry of 600 thousand trade, rely on the giant information of this database, trade hair bureau can have specific aim ground to give out more when holding an exhibition invite and sales promotion, offer better commerce to seek advice from a service. In addition, this bureau sets 42 branch office in the whole world, include 11 agency in home, these agency are contacted through following abroad chamber of commerce, organized large quantities of groups that buy the home to enter the exhibition of Hong Kong. Exhibit in the Asia's biggest in October 2002 electron on, all and abroad agency of trade hair bureau organized 48 trade group to come to Hong Kong look around, negotiate, resemble a travel agent truly same.
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