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 In can exhibit economic developed country, conference course of study often undertakes unity administrative together with tourism add up, bind together especially launch propagandist sales promotion, pattern of this kind of industry government was the integral promotion of conference course of study to lay good foundation. The integral sales promotion of foreign conference course of study obtained remarkable result, its fundamental is the good environment that publicizes a certain country or city outwards with concept of a whole, in order to attract more internationally the conference. Particular mode of operation is as follows:
1, sale of whole of governmental organization destination
All through the ages of sales promotion of conference destination whole is met those who exhibit developed country and area to take seriously. For example, bureau of Hong Kong tourism, trade development bureau and collaboration of association of exhibition conference trade developed much destination sale activity, with period the development that advances this harbor tourism peace conference to exhibit economy jointly. In each joint efforts of relevant orgnaization, the large meeting that holds every year in Hong Kong exceeds 400, the delegate attending the meeting that comes from world each district is close 40 thousand person. Be like again, be in early 1974, singapore tourism bureau establishs exhibition to discuss arrange, this orgnaization is not management department, its are main duty is harmonious cooperate to be able to exhibit a company to begin the work, and not collection any charge. Exhibition conference arrange can make special promotion every year plan, the tourism peace conference that introduces homeland to whole world each district extends development case, and hold can exhibit the seminar of economic respect, to the person that attend the meeting especially the Singapore of organizer conduct propaganda of international conference or exhibition runs the advantageous requirement that can extend an activity.
2, the effect that produces international organization adequately
The support that begins promotion of conference destination whole to cannot leave international authority to organize and approbate. Here " international is organized " can divide into two sort model, one kind is professional conference organization, another kind is each particular industries internationally association or organization, former can hold the ground or conference plan company to provide guidance for the conference, evaluate, recommend wait for a service, latter creates more conference opportunities directly. Stem from afore-mentioned reasons just about, abroad's conditional city pays attention to the effect that produces these two kinds of organizations very, in order to strive for more internationally the conference. Basically reflect in two respects:
(1) strive for actively recommend and support
Current, there is bigger effect in the whole world internationally conference organization basically has international congress and conference society (ICCA) , association of conference center international (IACC) , professional conference runs association (PCMA) , destination controller association (ADME) , promotive travel management learns. Among them, the dimensions of ICCA and impact are the biggest, this association has 650 many members, distributing in 80 many countries, these members come from many industries, formed giant conference resource network. In addition, ICCA is undertaking to the conference statistic is mixed there also is a strict level when recommending.
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