Ferroalloy the sources of energy uses up quota level to carry out

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Rose on June 1, 2008, ferroalloy product the sources of energy uses up limitation (nonferrous metal, steely, building materials, Electromechanical) wait for 24 high cost can product and other sphere in all the national level of 47 kinds of products is released carry out, gave out value of limitation of specific power consumption of ferroalloy unit product, admittance value and advanced value 3 grade. Current, the productivity that ferroalloy produces an enterprise to will have 20 % by " limitation is worth " block it is besides the industry. The country is limited energy resources in stemming from protection and the harm that reduce pollution to be caused to the environment, the country is clutching while ferroalloy contaminant decreases a processing, also export custom duty in what improve ferroalloy product ceaselessly, limit the exit amount of ferroalloy and manufacturing amount, those who achieve the sources of energy is effective use.