Customs total office is strict and wind- driven generation set imports drawback

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Customs total office issued announcement on July 3, generation set of wind-force of farther strict high-power and its key component, raw material imports taxation policy. Make clear in announcement, high-power wind-force generation set basically includes stand-alone rated power to not be less than the wind- driven generation set with 1.2 made of baked clay million. Send the crucial component that has imported before cloth, raw material to announcement coming since January 1, 2008, classics custom examine and verify is not had by accident allow is dealt with impose regressive procedures first; Since May 1, 2008, the inside and outside to new approval endowment investment project, entrance stand-alone rated power is not more than the wind- driven generation set with 2.5 made of baked clay million, uniform stop to carry out an entrance duty-free policy. Announcement expresses, ask for row of place of regressive detailed list to import crucial component, raw material to execute year first of provisional duty tax rate, carry out by provisional duty tax rate. Place of regressive to be being asked for first detailed list will list breed general to carry out the circumstance such as ability of form a complete set of the effect, home according to company application, policy henceforth timely undertake adjustment. When enjoying the business that solicits retrogressive policy first to import afore-mentioned crucial component, raw material, ying Xianghai closes to declare an entrance alone, the major equipment that issues by the Ministry of finance makes enterprise drawback confirmation apply for to deal with to entrance ground custom directly impose regressive procedures first. Specific operating sequence is pressed active about ask for regressive regulation to deal with first.