The use skill of electrograph

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When electrograph is printed, completely white bewilderment
If your electrograph is electrograph of hot feeling type, it is mistake of installation of face of notes paper positive and negative likely, set notes paper reverse side please try afresh again. Heat up the fax paper that feeling type electrograph uses, only one side besmear has chemical drug. Because this installation became wrong,won't imprint when receiving a fax an any characters or picture.
If your electrograph is electrograph of ink jet type, it is nozzle head stems likely, ask head of clean ink jet or change ink box.
Paper cannot normal make a present of goes out
Ask an examination to take paper implement the part has eyewinker block, invalidation of sensor of manuscript position scanning, wait greatly too into paper roller clearance. Should check machine of hair power transmission to whether turn additionally, whether do if do not turn,a circuit that needs examination and electric machinery to concern and electric machinery itself damage.
The phone is used normally, cannot send and receive a fax
If your phone and electrograph share a line, check line to whether join please mistake. Insert telegraphic bureau line electrograph designation please " LINE " insert aperture, insert extension electrograph designation " TEL " insert aperture.
Machine paperboard, say what do not come out is painful
"Paperboard " it is the breakdown that electrograph appears very easily, use new paper or the paper that had used to produce paperboard breakdown more easily especially. If happen " paperboard " when, want to notice when taking paper, can pull only use the part that allows to move on electrograph manual, do not want blind drag upper cover. And take out whole paper as far as possible, the attention does not leave broken scrip inside electrograph.
The paper when fax or be being printed appears black line or white line
The document that the document that sends to you when the other side or oneself print when duplicate appears or several black lines. If be CCD electrograph, the likelihood is illuminator head dirty, if be CIS electrograph, the likelihood is pervious to light glass became dirty. Use manual to explain according to electrograph please, dip in with tampon or soft cloth alcohol brushs cleanness can. If cleanness ends hind still have inextricability problem, send long examination your electrograph please.
White line because heat up quick head,normally this is (TPH) fracture of wire or be stained with contamination. If be fracture of wire, should change the heat of same type quick head. If have,contamination can keep clear of with tampon.
Electrograph function key is invalid
The phenomenon that if your electrograph appears,function key disables. Check key-press to whether have above all be locked up to decide, check power source next, switch on the mobile phone afresh let electrograph undertake restoration detects again, with program of cleared and certain dead loop. If return insoluble problem, send long examination please.
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