Electrograph uses common issue analytic

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One, when sending a fax, why does manuscript often appear deferent and askew even paperboard phenomenon?
It is when manuscript in deferent process, not be to appear conveying is manuscript askew when the problem that is blocked, everybody should check the two rods axis of part of drive of electrograph interior paper in time to whether had become loose, because once two rods axis becomes loose,won't generate enough pressure to paper, paper appears very easily to jam even askew, if discovering two rods axis becomes loose so, should be cleaned instantly and adjust two rods axis, the working status that makes two rods axis returns to normal; Two rods axis if if the position of installation is not parallel, also can pose the breakdown problem above easily, because this everybody must ensure the position of two rods axis wants parallel; Manuscript guides bring board the position is put correctly, also can affect to the deferent generation of manuscript.
Because this is before deferent manuscript, must adjust good master copy correctly to guide bring board the position, place the manuscript that should convey trimly in at the same time guide bring board on; Besides a few elements above, paper is deferent what the fraise on method holds back manuscript very easily is normal and deferent, produce paperboard to perhaps jam thereby phenomenon, so once appear when paperboard phenomenon, everybody also should remember opening the side face plate of electrograph in time to build, will convey paper the wastepaper on method is other perhaps fraise is cleared and clean.
2, why is electrograph met every time is much page deferent?
Every time much page conveys is a kind very general and very common breakdown phenomenon, the reason has the possibility that causes this kind of trouble a variety of, for example paper is deferent once transmission sheet metal of the part happens be out of shape, can produce this kind of breakdown, if once discover drive,accordingly sheet metal happening is out of shape, should undertake adjustment changing afresh even to it instantly a new transmission sheet metal; If the face of electrograph builds good without correct lid word, cause very easily also every time the breakdown phenomenon with much deferent page.
Be in so before sending a fax, everybody should check the face shell that whether has built electrograph seriously above all; Besides above outside two kinds of reasons, those who divide the stand or fall of paper rubber film to affect manuscript directly is correct deferent, if divide paper rubber,the surface has the word of bilge, should change in time or undertake cleaning to it with cleaner.
3, why cannot electrograph input manuscript automatically?
The element that causes electrograph to cannot input manuscript automatically is very much, basically have the following sides: Examine paper above all whether is there fraise to hold back on deferent method, if have,should keep clear of it clean instantly; It is normal to check all sorts of relevant indication lamps on electrograph Control Panel to whether work next, if " fax " if indicator light is not bright, the manuscript position sensor that makes clear electrograph or manuscript is read take sensor to work to malfunction even out of order, we should undertake in time check and changing to them.
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