The system of ATM is safeguarded and manage

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ATM is the crystallization of modern science and technology and bank business. ATM can take paragraph, deposit to hold calorie of person to offer, transfer accounts, remaining sum inquiry, change a variety of functions such as the password. Its wide application can improve bank work efficiency, because portfolio increases the pressure that generates to bar,decrease, extended the serve time of the bank automatically again at the same time.
According to the operation speed of CPU, the leader share of ATM experienced the development course that is the same as PC likeness.
ATM serves as overall, can think by next body of face plate, top part, casing 3 parts are comprised, the machine is used modular design, different function relies on corresponding module to finish, the control plate that every module has him (CCA) , each module passes EX-PRESSBUS (fast bus line) with lead plane communication. The designed a thought to decide ATM whole sex of unifinication of this kind of Electromechanical and the accurate sex that move. Software is the requirement that assures machine and couplet accident travel. The systematic software of ATM basically has communication software, terminal to control software, reach software of test leaving a line.
The operation condition mode of ATM has 5 kinds: POWERUP (append report) , OFFLINE (from the line) , OUTOFSERVICE (time-out serves) , INSERVICE (service) , MAINTENERCE MODULE (maintain pattern) . Above operates state 5 kinds in, maintaining pattern is application is most, it can finish terminal systematic government function, password management function, diagnose safeguard a function to wait, the function is powerful, be in the system the indispensable tool in safeguarding.
The functional module group of ATM is more, SEN-SOR is more, electromechanical trouble is more, the breakdown of any model group, can cause ATM overall quit the job, affirm by experience and observation breakdown is nodded very hard so. For example says " do not give paper money " phenomenon, sheet considers to have a lot of kinds of reasons from hardware respect. Breakdown of breakdown of bank note box, rub bank note, money detects because breakdown of breakdown, a certain SENSOR, electric machinery breakdown, some component wears away and motion does not reach the designated position, tally of box of bank note of a place of strategic importance, useless bank note is full wait to create this kind of appearance likely. Generally speaking, the breakdown of ATM happens in Electromechanical respect and mix appear, very few and pure happening. This safeguards function and breakdown code manual to solve with respect to system of need have the aid of. Undertake mode detects to corresponding module maintenance above all, if detect,have unusual, criterion the system carries wrong code, right now need departs according to manual trouble spot, find the crucial reason of breakdown, the measure with relevant reassume.
What should assure ATM is normal move, want to undertake the system is safeguarded not only, and should undertake online managing. Automatic ATM can be divided mix for old hall type the type that wear a wall two sort. At present common communication means has two kinds: Use place of ATM machine itself to carry aether net card, accept TCP/IP agreement, adopt a way by implement, rise join of this locality local area network and local area network of bank leader place, realize online service thereby (site ATM) ; Another kind of communication interface that passes ATM opportunity and communication cable or X.25 get stuck, pass Modem of special railway line, accept X.25 agreement, connect bank leader (bazaar ATM) .
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