The breakdown of ATM machine communication in routine is analysed

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Some closer year come, what change construction as the rapid development of our country economy and financial electron is ceaseless deepen, ATM application level gets very big rise. ATM is in people is brought convenient and quick while, its higher fault rate also brought a few inconvenience to people likewise. It is actually among ATM breakdown, element of eliminate hardware attaint, one kind belongs to automatic newspaper fault, classics to be safeguarded simply can eliminate, if print paper spent, mouth giving paper money is dirty wait, the author no longer give uncecessary details; Another kind belongs to communication breakdown, the case is relatively complex. Author basis Baotou branch the maintenance of more than 20 OLIVETTI ATM a kind of circumstance after experience is right undertakes an analysis.
Branch of labour luggage head finished great opportunity in the round 1999 outspread, all ATM correspond with SNA/SDLC agreement and great opportunity (ES/9000 series) connect, each network develop attacks structure very much the same.
Analyse the network structure of ATM and join pattern, with low end road by implement for the bound: Up much more identical, walk along the DDN that be the same as a city to central computer room namely, take central route by implement, join again IBM3746 - 950 to province travel big computer room; Be down majority to be the following 2 kinds.
Road of low end of A.ATM straight couplet by implement. ATM and low end road by implement closer, direct couplet arrives road by implement a serial mouth.
B.ATM is used via a pair of multichannel answer implement road of join low end by implement. ATM and low end road by implement the distance is further, need to join with special railway line. An ATM takes up multichannel answer is used implement one stature passageway, other subchannel is used at downstage business terminal (asynchronous) or emulate (synchronous) equipment.
If the means of other couplet net of ATM is hanged in IBM3746 directly - 950 or central road by implement below, go dial Modem or X.25, all but add up arrives above two kinds of means. No matter which are planted couplet net means, after ATM is started normally, it is in-house PC self check above all; Carry out next advocate accuse a program to pass FEP board to detect configuration reachs each module; Block UniCom great opportunity to download applied process via communication again. At this moment screen is blue background picture, top left corner shows " 001 " , then " 002 " , it is to insert card to trade next picture. If be top left corner all the time,show " 001 " , state ATM and great opportunity communication have a problem, need to prove a cause.
According to the data flow direction of ATM, the author makes an analysis to the communication breakdown of ATM from the following link.
One, installation of ATM side software
Mirror Connect D912 is the application software package that OLIVETTI company develops, use at OLIVETTI ATM to emulate system of DIEBOLD 912 ATM. When installing an agreement, should note the following problem.
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