Muti_function machine of an organic whole is using medium conserve method daily

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To get used to informatization times the office of fast rhythm asks, a lot of units bought part fax, print, the function such as duplicate, scanning at an organic whole " muti_function machine of an organic whole " . And the time that wants to make this kind of equipment is used a bit longer, probability that gives trouble is a bit smaller, expenditure is being maintained and the expense on bad news material is a bit less, be about to master a few accurate methods in the operation, nurturance a few good conventions.
Successive duplicate
As different as common printer is, when machine of an organic whole is being started every time, need to undertake new warm-up, if the word of machine of the long-term and frequent an organic whole that start, can affect the life of parts of an apparatus of its interior optics. Start an appearance often to avoid this to plant, to a few duplicate task, unless particularly urgent, the material that should copy need as far as possible rises centrally, use operation of batch of successive duplicate function.
Place good paper
When machine of an organic whole is in successive job status, what affect efficiency the most likely is paper occurrence issue, once paper is in deferent process,appear unusual, if be not entered paper, much enter paper or paperboard, not only influence machine works normally, serious word still can damage its internal paper conveys device. To avoid to give an issue, should ensure above all use pledge high
The duplicating paper of the quantity, should set duplicating paper level in next send paper implement inside, do not put too completely, and adjust slideway arrive get used to paper wide. When installation faxes paper, use standard paper, will feel according to the manual the direction of the head of the head that heat up a face that print. Untapped feeling heats up paper not to place the place with point-blank or damp sunshine, lest feel hot,paper metamorphism causes feeling hot effect not beautiful. In addition, if use inferior paper, its are coarse the surface wears away very easily the working component of interior of machine of an organic whole, cause print or duplicate quality drops.
The setting saves working mode
Machine of new-style an organic whole increased " economic work mode " , can reduce expenditure of bad news material effectively. The machine of an organic whole of a lot of types still has the setting of economic black white, this kind of function to a few duplicate operation is possible too won't apparent, but when the information content that if need,handles is very big, the effect is very distinct.
Cannot put sensitive beat in disorder
Be in muti_function in machine of an organic whole, sensitive beat is a kind of more expensive bad news talent, and to final output the effect has very big effect, because this must be caressed carefully. This basically is to point to the protection that rouses to sensitization from carbolic powder box is taken out in machine of an organic whole. Because sensitive beat is right the demand of working environment is higher, suffer sun illuminate for long to be able to affect the result that print, return the service life that can affect carbolic powder box even. Accordingly, in machine of an organic whole need changes when black white perhaps checks breakdown to need to take out carbolic powder box, must avoid sensitive beat to be put in sunshine to issue direct illuminate, time also cannot be placed to grow too below lamplight indoors; Still need to put carbolic powder box in clean, flowing surface additionally, want to avoid to feel sensitive beat with the hand. Changing additionally when black white, collect useless pink even in time the useless pink in the storehouse clears clean, because abandon pink when accumulation is too much, in the meeting on the manuscript of output occurrence hemp selects a phenomenon, serious word still can damage sensitization is roused.
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