Face server data storage correctly to restore

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Server data stores safety is the important segment that safeguard server runs normally, also be the core that informatization of intranet sth resembling a net builds at the same time. The administrative layer personnel of each enterprise takes memory seriously to be in very much the important data of the server, include: Anchor of bone rostellum Fei promotes  of  of ⒕ of  of collect of  of Zhan of strong and pervasive fragrance of  of act of    to start order of   Zhang dash forward ⒅ of crab of ё persimmon rare ⒀ promotes  Jie  of caries of magpie of  of collect of the dark  that make a horizontal inscribed board does not have  pen Sui of  of have a nightmare of Jin of  of ⒎ of exhausted cut down

Regard storage equipment as a medium among them, hard disk has move and its main effect. It is however in all hardware components, hard disk is fault rate relative to more expensive product, hard disk has price but data does not have valence, manufacturer of each old hard disk offers guarantee byelaw is aimed at only at itself of hard disk component, and provide relevant safeguard to storing among them data is done not have.

So, how to face server data storage correctly, prevent a few accidents, disaster to cause data to lose? Here, data of Guangzhou tall family restores a center to talk to be born with first memory, safe to server data, and the lash-up measure that corresponding proposal and data disaster provided to adopt when disaster of server hard disk happens!

One, server storage system is very important, everybody knows, hard disk regards server data as the main facility of memory, also be content of a kind of technology at the same time the equipment of tall, production nicety, the development of server hard disk already reached every second at present 10000 turn or 15000 turn, common SATA hard disk also is close to this rotate speed very much, in motion line of business, petty breakdown causes damage of hard disk physics likely, so general server uses memory of Raid disk array, strengthen the fault tolerance function of server hard disk.

2, besides fault tolerance of Raid hard disk, want to use other equipment to undertake backup constantly to a few very important data, recommend the network server of framework of enterprise user, business affairs user, choose a magetic tape station to cooperate professional backup software (Veritas Netbackup, CA Arcserver) , time regularly make relatively perfect backup plan. If be individual user, the CD-ROM/DVD CD that suggests to introduce economy as backup means.

3, to a few simple be deleted by accident or the format is changed, be aimed at a file not much, below the case with good individual own technique, can download on the net a few restore software (Data Recove, easyrecove) the attempt will undertake extensive is gotten, of course, a disk can be done to back up completely with Ghost software first before doing, when restoring at the same time, had better be to receive from dish. Of course, if your individual restores the result is dissatisfactory, need to seek professional data to restore a company to undertake was operatinged please.
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