Monitoring of video of the network that uncover secret 10 big application

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IP monitoring solution changed a few for quite a long time around move a few wrong ideas of network video monitoring.

   What is IP monitoring?

IP is Internet Protocol (Internet agreement) abbreviate, it is one of the most commonly used agreements that have communicating through computer network. IP monitoring solution is passed namely wired network of wireless perhaps IP comes to video information to undertake transmission with the form of digitlization. The place that if the network is OK,reachs only can achieve video monitoring and record certainly, and this is planted monitoring is returned can have perfect couple with the system of type of a lot of other.

According to industrial analyst J.P. Freeman and Co. , inc. , analysis, only the imitate camera that the United States installs has 2, 0. And in this 2, 0 Taichun, exceed 1, 5 million sold 2002. Below the setting of at the summit of one's power of imitate camera sales volume, it is to rise to surface gradually and the new generation product of flying development---Network camera. See its development tendency, people sees its brilliant prospect not hard beforehand; Of the concept that follows a digitlization gradually thorough popular feeling, be in not far in the future, it can replace imitate product certainly.

Network camera is the new generation product of the straight successional network that enter IP, make the user can realize the video on telenet sth resembling a net to watch, memory and the picture news to be being collected make an analysis in order to take corresponding step. Predicting network camera will hold the half share of the market 2007, to 2005, market of global network video reachs hopeful dollar of 700 million 9 ten million.

No matter be the solution that comprises by network camera alone, still add the solution that video server comprises by imitate camera, the solution of both perhaps mixture composition, IP monitoring already was proved to be a kind of solution that provides attraction extremely. In more and more original industry application, this kind of revolutionary technology is replacing traditional supervisory system stage by stage, enhancing security while farther also reduced cost; And in a lot of new application fields, it or first time are used, also be initiated accordingly and stimulated a lot of new markets.

As a result of its system but expansibility, the position that IP monitoring consolidated its apply in existing surveillance and long-range monitoring industry gradually, also expedited the application in other and burgeoning industry, specific include:

Education: The playground of long-range monitoring school, corridor, hall and classroom, also include the monitoring of pair of a few buildings;

Traffic: The safety of orbit of long-range monitoring railway station, railroad, freeway and airport;

Bank: Apply at the bank each branch or the ATM of street takes paragraph chance, the traditional and safe surveillant method that replaces numerous full of trivial details;
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