The confluence of video monitoring and wireless network

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Video monitoring is intuitionistic the information of full and accurate of convenient, content records pattern, can operate personnel to provide measure of real time monitoring for monitoring. Video monitoring has made public safety, enterprise safety, land safety now, include the necessary measure of the domain such as security of community, family even.

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  Digitlize video supervisory system

Current video supervisory system, be in from imitate video monitoring in the transition process to means of digitlization video monitoring. Monitoring of video of imitate of continue to use or upgrade to be digital monitoring and take wired connective kind by imitate video monitoring, it is the primary level of process of supervisory system transition. Use digitlization video monitoring and wireless connective means, the transition process that accelerates video monitoring means.

Digitlization video supervisory system and photograph of imitate video monitoring are compared, have a lot of advantage:

(1) wireless network was offerred for video monitoring more efficient bear the weight of with agile network means. Relative to the wired network at the tradition, use wireless network, can be in original inconvenience or cannot the area of wired network realizes deploy wireless monitoring. The environment is stemmed from in the city beautiful consideration, use wireless means to replace wired wiring kind, send more appear important.

(2) price advantage. Wireless network but managing and many wired network cloth sets cost. Wireless and meshy net (WiMesh) the technology is different from common wireless local area network; Common wireless local area network needs many network wiring likewise, and wireless and meshy net (WiMesh) need only a few network wiring.

(3) digitlization video supervisory equipment can be picture news changeover the video that is based on IP to flow, have the aid of at advanced network technology, can come true to arrive from the local area network wide area newwork even the whole world corresponds. Thereby monitoring administrator can undertake in what the network can amount to all sorts of monitoring are operated anyplace, in the meantime, can realize two-way video communication.

   Wireless and meshy net introduces

Wireless and meshy net (Wireless Mesh Network) product, the standard that is based on IEEE undertakes corresponding network is designed, also avoided the weakness of WLAN of traditional wireless local area network at the same time, can realize net of wireless area network, wireless city land with certain boundaries thereby enclothe.
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