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Use " plan of bar code scanning " replace RFID, in iron rapid movement settled express trade with low cost " dense disease "

Below the boast of in relief illumination in early spring gentle, those who be located in city of science of Beijing abundant stage is medium inside headquarters of Inc. of iron rapid movement, imprint have " CRE " the van of the mark is assembling and unassemble, occasion is busy sleek however. "In iron rapid movement should send thing of not less than 50 thousand piece goods one day. In the past, so much wrap up wants to accomplish accurate the thing that sending and receive goods is a special difficulty. But our error rate dropped now about 2/100000. Because go to what the end of the year just finishs,this basically is ' whole journey is tracked ' informatization project gave big help. " in iron carries IT limited company prepares group of assistant group leaders quickly Zhao Shushi is being accepted when interviewing, appear relaxed and self-confident.

Rapid movement is deadly injury

Be in last year this moment, zhao Shushi still is in to lose money big nerve-racking. "Rapid movement line of business has two gist to beg, one is speed fast, another it is safe. Lose money not only the fame of special effect company, can bring pecuniary loss more, " Zhao Shushi expresses. Before 2005 in iron carries quickly, almost everyday the business that loses money happens, "Let a person very headache " . The circumstance that the goods that Zhao Shushi weighs to content sheds a company is stolen in carriage road is not accidental, however next compensatory job is troublesome issue more, "Resemble serum product, one casket ten yuan, if delayed medical treatment time again, consequence is more serious " .

"Foreign person of the same trade is like FedEx, the package that carries every year amounts to a few, rely on relatively perfect flow and technology, be like RFID, those who lose money can decrease to happen on certain level. Under photograph comparing, rapid motion company of home appears inferior by comparison. " introduce according to Zhao Shushi, guard estimation only, the indemnity that home carries course of study is caused one year because of losing money quickly exceeds 20 million yuan. Shed a business to domestic other people for extremely low profit margin, the problem that lose money is probable it is deadly injury.

"Compare and character, the circumstance of the goods that send a fault is more, control harder also. " Zhao Shushi the topic of conversation turns. In the carriage way with iron rapid current and main movement is the train, also use highway steam at the same time carry, air-freight and marine wait for other to carry kind. Regard national express as the network, in the goods of acceptance of consignment of iron rapid movement often needs to be mixed in a variety of carriage tools have a change of luck has between many cities, wait for sudden circumstance as a result of the incur loss through delay on distance, the phenomenon of the goods that send a fault is not scarce. The trouble that brings from this also cans be imagined.
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