Statified memory management, blessing? Disaster?

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"Comb afresh statified the framework of storage system " the main topic for discussion that is conference of Zhou San of Storage Decisions congress, come from group of entertainment of MGM Mirage international and Chicago Commodity Exchange the representing of two big companies made important speech on the meeting, communicative managing severally statified the valuable experience that the difficulty that encounters in storage system process and summary of after the event give.

Group of entertainment of MGM Mirage international is American hotel industry and rich variety line of business " tycoon " , its in-house 1 class deposited the business data of 180TB on storage system and system of 2 class storage, besides, the data that still has close 4PB is to deposit what go up in tape. 70 thousand employee is had below this company division, all set branch in 24 cities, advocate process of 285 IT application was installed on server system, calculate going up is one exceeds wholesale business, accordingly, it is very careful when designing storage system framework, need considers a lot of square respect ranges.

"Average person may think, alleged and statified memory management, deposit the most important pivotal business data namely in function the stablest, at the same time the price also is the most expensive memory medium on, will second data deposits main business to store cheaply a little in the price on medium, this kind of understanding not very accurate, at least what what we go after is statified memory solution is not such, " the chief technology officer of MGM Mirage company holds vice-president Laura Fucci concurrently to say, "According to my requirement, responsible data is inputted / the applied process of output, should deposit go up in system of 1 class storage; And the applied process that those take up disk space compares a few bigger, logarithm to do not have too high demand according to transmitting rate, should deposit go up in system of 2 class storage. Should deposit go up in system of 2 class storage..

What MGM Mirage company has is statified storage system is to use diverse EMC disk array to mix to build and be become, 1 class stores the system is given priority to with EMC DMX, system of 2 class storage is sing leading role by Clariion. This company already began to take step at present, refine data classification further, application the program differentiates 3 kinds, statified deposit. The first kind is to involve a client to serve this one pivotal business data, must accomplish real time backup; The 2nd kind is company level data, the information data of and so on of resource of the financial number e.g. company interior, manpower, must use snapshot duplicate technology will try to protect; The 3rd kind is to assist class number to occupy, e.g. the data of hotel hydrotherapy system.

When the plan has the 2nd situation, MGM encountered the big difficult problem with one painful build, how the material storage life that every class number occupies demarcate. "We spent time of about one year, the documentation that will edit and adjust company interior preserves strategy, " Fucci says, "Rise quite with formulate strategy, company management layer people what pay close attention to more is specific executive process. " later, lawyer group was joined, assist them to complete this work together. Fucci expresses, "If lucky word, perhaps can publish a detailed internal document to classify file government measure January next year... with respect to technical level character, already equipment of all things all, do not have too big question. Do not have too big question..
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