Fuji applies Le Yuan to install bad news material to prevent bogus announcement

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In recent years as printer technology update ceaselessly and drop of cost ceaselessly, drove market of lumber of printer bad news swift and violent development, fuji Shi Le makes professional firm as printer, the share that holds in place of the market that print grows quickly, consumer is right the demand of material of its bad news also increasingly grow in quantity. And while market of bad news lumber flourishs, of manufacture in a rough way fake bad news material appears subsequently, encroached severely with the interest that harmed consumer.

To maintain consumer interest, fuji Shi Le devotes oneself to actively to prevent the development of bogus technology, since April 2005, what Fuji Shi Le already began to use new-style laser to prevent bogus technology and digital inquiry system to put an end to fake is flush, make an user capable to differentiate material of bad news of true and false compactly, avoid needless pecuniary loss. The user can pass mobile phone short message, free telephone call 8008205146 perhaps enter Fuji to apply happy website to have fast inquiry.

First use laser number prevents the selenium beat of bogus label to be:

P8e/P8ex/wc385 Selenium is roused (product model 113R00455)
Phaser 3110/3210 Selenium is roused (product model 109R00639)
Phaser 3115/3130/3121 Selenium is roused (product model 109R00725)
Phaser 3116 Selenium is roused (product model 109R00748)
Number of box mouth laser prevents bogus label:

Every sheet that Fuji uses the happy raw material that hold cost the product has the exclusive number that prevent bogus, without repeat, without the rule, cannot be modelled on. Once the label is opened, inquiry is destroyed namely, irrecoverable, the person that make a holiday cannot divert. When inquiring first, the system is self-recording inquire time, number of the person that the system when inquiring again can inform inquiry already was reached to inquire a frequency too by inquiry, inquire time first, avoided same amount duplicate for many times.
One's store of valuables prevents bogus heal autograph:

In the one's store of valuables that 4 afore-mentioned Selenium rouse, fuji Shile undertook heal is signed preventing bogus, prevent bogus autograph to be mixed suitably with number of box mouth laser, make material of quality goods bad news and sham product be clear at a glance.