Change with elementary format opportunely will rescue U dish that flimsy life

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Recently, the author's U dish cannot use suddenly. Breakdown phenomenon is: U dish after inserting computer USB interface, the system hints " discover new hardware " , but open " my computer " hind cannot find U however dish. This is how to return a responsibility, u dish bad? Can be U dish working indicator light is shining from beginning to end however, the author thinks of suddenly, because didn't the system appoint dish of accord with,bring about U dish cannot be identified? Then, the author uses a mouse right attack " my computer " , choose in playing a menu " management " , open " disk management " , also did not discover connective shift disc. Be the trouble that driver causes? The operating system that uses as a result of author computer place is Windows XP professional edition, because this does not need to install driver, and before this U dish it is normal to be used all the time. Right now the author also does not have better idea, only the attempt installs U dish official driver. But after in driver installation ends, insert on U dish, still cannot discover mobile disc, your author to one's great diappointment. After passing a few days, after the author opens computer, abrupt discovery has " USB Flash Disk " software, the author after moving just knows this is U dish the applied tool of official driver. In its tool column, the author saw " low layer format is changed " option, hint among them information " showing memorial system quickly area piece damage causes the premise that cannot run normally to fall, this function square but be able to use. " oneself U dish be area piece damage causes what cannot work normally? Without giving thought to thirty-seven thousand one hundred and ninety-one, after low layer format is changed, say again. Insert on shine dish, low layer format is changed, finish smoothly finally. The author cherishs excited mood to open " my computer " , u dish appear in me again before, try the file that beat enters 30MB, working indicator light is being blinked livelily, breakdown is solved thoroughly. Right now the author also loosened eventually at a heat, u dish such " bring the dying back to life " . Final author reminds everybody, if U dish occurrence breakdown, the diagnosis that must not forget use government to offer repairs go back to work to provide, such not only economic time, and still can avoid a lot of crooked road.