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This year, TIA/EIA committee releases integrated wiring formally 6 kinds of standards (standard number: ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B.2-1) , TIA568B becomes to be able to satisfy current network to develop a condition in the round truly from now on, solve the basic standard part that the network builds. Although the development change quickly of the network, but with respect to network construction, when thousand network is about to make the global demand that the network builds, as the framework of the network, of 6 kinds of standards roll out the timely rain that can say to make thousand network, the network of company new generation that is based on thousand aether net for construction laid solid foundation in physical level.

System of 6 kinds of wiring can offer prep above to exceed 5 kinds of high speed bandwidth of 2.5 times on transmission rate, when 100MHz prep above exceeds 5 kinds of ACR values of 300% . The respect is installed in construction, 6 analogy exceed 5 kinds of difficulty to also want a lot of bigger.

The standard that the construction personnel of system of 6 kinds of wiring must ask according to international standard goes carrying out. The more because of " advanced cupreous cable is opposite of the outside unusual more sensitive. As the rise of transmission rate, those who install construction is correct jumped over big " to the influence of systematic performance. Unreasonable cop is designed, non-standard installation measure, the administrative system that does not reach the designated position, the metropolis test to 6 kinds of wiring result (include physical function and electric property) bring an influence, and it is difficult that some meetings are become the breakdown with repair, can lay afresh only even a link comes replace.

From roll out system of 6 kinds of wiring up to now, overmatch network accumulated much spot construction experience, overmatch network company points out, the enterprise should notice when construction the following 6 big notes.

   One of notes

Should compare 5 kinds of common threads as a result of the external diameter of cable of 6 kinds of wires thick, to avoid wire cable twine (be in in bend especially) , the fill that must notice to provide way when cop is designed is spent, the line of 20mm of general internal diameter is in charge of in order to put 2 6 kinds of lines are advisable.
   Of the note

Bridge design is reasonable, assure appropriate wire cable radius of bend. Next left and right sideses bypass on when other line chamfer, turn gradient wants gently, whether can after the key notices prolapse of cable of two end line gets power, still be below the premise that does not press caustic wire cable on the lid cover board.

   Of the note

The control that notices pair of pulling force basically is in the process that put a line, to taking the wire cable that reel packs, proposal both ends arranges a worker each at least, cover reel on the self-restrained lever that draw a line, the worker of the end that put a line first from reel cable of one section wire is pulled beforehand inside box, be in for co-worker cop other one aspect of the matter is draw-out, the line that draws beforehand cannot pass much, shun much root line intricate on field surround.
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