Code of user of Windows XP of displacement of ground of without anybody knowing

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Windows XP starts script (Startup Scripts) is the batch processing file that the computer runs before entry screen appears, its function is similar to Windows 9 × and DOS to carry out Autoexec.bat of batch processing file automatically mediumly. Use this character, can write file of a batch processing to install user code afresh, in joining it the script that start, achieved a goal so. It is concrete step below (hypothesis system catalog is C: Windows) . 1. Use Windows98 starts Pan Qi to use computer. Write an A.bat of batch processing file that can restore a password, content needs only " Net User " command can: "Net User Rwd 12345678 " . This jussive means is the password setting of user Rwd " 12345678 " (usage of concerned Net jussive, can consult Windows helps) . Save file A.bat next " C:wIndowssystem32GroupPolicyMachineScriptsStartup " below. 2. Write to start / close machine script to configure file Scripts.ini, this file name is fixed, unalterable. Content is as follows: [Startup] 0CmdLine=a.bat 0Parameters= 3. Save file Scripts.ini " C:wInntsystem32GroupPolicyMachineScripts " below. Computer of Scripts.ini in store is started / the setting data that passes machine script, file content includes two data normally paragraph: [Startup] and [Shutdown] . [Startup] data paragraph falling is configuration of the script that start, [Shutdown] data paragraph falling is to close machine script configuration. Every script entry is divided into script name and script parameter two parts memory, script name protects existence XCmdLine key word to fall, parameter protects existence XParameters key word to fall, the X here expresses from 0 initial script serial number, in order to distinguish many script entry and mark the carry of each script entry is line sequential. 4. Take out Windows 98 to start dish, start computer afresh, wait to start script to move. The password of Rwd of the user after the script that start runs an end is restored to be " 12345678 " . 5. Two files that afore-mentioned measure build are deleted after entry success. Explain: What computer uses is FAT32 file system, if use NTFS file system, can this hard disk with from dish mode is hanged receive other to be able to identify NTFS file system (the computer that is like Windows 2000 or Windows XP) is aspirant an afore-mentioned operations. This method can restore an administrator (the password of Administrator) . Restore to the password of user of computer of this locality in Windows2000 system and region user likewise effective.